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Works in Progress: Bonne Marie's (of ChicKnits) vanilla bean hat pattern (simple, simple but very cute!). I'm using Lion Brand's Kool Wool in fuchsia and Trendsetter's Dune color #84 (I think) - lost the tag a while ago. Both yarns are held together throughout. Just about half way done. Should be complete tonight, if Survivor and CSI are not too engaging and I can keep half my mind on the knitting and half on the program. Accessory Scarf/Belt - my own pattern. I used Collinette's Wigwam cotton ribbon - can't remember the colorway, but will post picture when I get the ability. I still have to attach the beaded fringe. Waiting for inspiration to finish. Projects to do: Going to attempt a pullover for me. I just ordered the yarn to knit this. is having their May Madness sale and I was able to get the Zen 10% off (woo hoo!). Will also start on matching scarf for "vanilla bean" hat.