AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 5:21:00 PM ----- BODY:
You know there is still some "boy" left in your prepubescent son when he is still thrilled to go through the car wash. Both my kids are on the edge of going full-throttle into puberty (oh Lord help us!). Anyway, I haven't gotten much knitting done in the last week or so. I did finish the back of one of the baby sweaters (purple with green stripes) and have started on the ribbing for the front. I also started on a catnip mouse - inspired by Wendy's "mouse-along." Still waiting on the Zen yarn... Got my Goals and Objectives done for work; nearly two pages! I think I was finally able to catagorize and map out a plan for my position. Meanwhile the Office Manager is on a mission to turn us all into automatons; stressing the letter of the law and not the spirit. It's unfortunate because it is creating a "Big Brother" atmosphere, which is very counterproductive and morale is sagging. Well, must go and pick up daughter at karate and go to the gym. Hopefully I'll get some knitting done tonight.