AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 1:42:00 PM ----- BODY:
Am I under the sweater curse????!!!!! I'm working away on the purple baby sweater front, ready to start the neck shaping, and the thing is all out of proportion. Yes, I swatched, yes, I counted, yes I decreased correctly...So after the third rip out - I'm done with this man. So into the stash it goes to someday become a blankie. I think I found a fellow knitter under the sweater curse. Leigh at Wool Flowers had a good comment on her 6/1/03 blog: "So I am gearing up to do the Becky Wannabee Phildar Stripey sweater knitalong. I love this sweater and am hoping it will turn out as I envision it in my head. So far, for those of you keeping track, I haven't managed to make a sweater I would be caught dead in. I guess I'm ultra picky. So far the magical combo of acceptable color, size, texture and style (not to mention finishing and neatness) has not been attained by me. Wish me luck as I start another expensive foray into sweater knitting for myself. Though maybe in the end, I will discover I am more of an accessories person. Just a thought." I too am beginning to believe I'm just an accessories type of gal.