AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 7:31:00 PM ----- BODY:
I recieved my Viva yarn in the mail today. I have my parcels delivered to my work address so it's always such fun, not to mention a pleasant interlude to one's work day, when a box of yarn arrives. Of course my knitting buddy and other crafty coworkers have to crowd into the cubicle to delight in the beautiful colors and textures of the yarn. After spending a week killing our lawn, we are ready to begin major re-landscaping of our front yard. Both my husband's and my parents were master gardeners, but the skills seemed to have jumped a generation. Anyway, we have called on the talents of a good friend of ours (at least I hope he'll still be a good friend by the end of this project), who has extensive experience in landscaping, to direct us in installing a low maintenance garden. In addition to laying new lawn, we'll be installing a sprinkler system, paving our RV area, planting low maintenance foliage around the tree and in the beds, bringing in wood chips to scatter around, and prepare a section where we will lay out a flagstone patio. There's no way we'll accomplish this all in one weekend, but I hope we get a good start. Whether I'll get any knitting done this weekend remains to be seen - I may not be able to move, not to mention the blisters, after digging trenches for our sprinkler system. Have a good one everybody.