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I was able to knit a couple more inches on the Sprout last night while we watched Lucky Numbers with John Travolta - don’t waste your time - bad movie. Also, my daughter reminded me that I committed to crochet her a couple of triangle head kerchiefs and lip balm holders for her girlfriends with birthdays this month - and of course the first party is this weekend. Fortunately, the kerchiefs and holders crochet up quickly, but I am so enamored with my Sprout project right now, it’s hard change gears, but will do so for daughter’s sake. Remember with the baby sweater fiasco? I was knitting it for my high school buddy I just caught up with (he has two kids 14 mos and 4 mos.). Well, I think I might pull out a fun granny square hat and slipper pattern I’ve used in the past and whip up a couple sets for his kids instead.