AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 4:50:00 PM ----- BODY:
We are having absolutely fabulous weather (mid-80's). Our normal are high 90's/low 100's, so this is a real treat. Weatherman predicts increasing temps later on this week. I work in air-conditioned comfort during the day, but unfortunately I don’t have AC at home. We were looking at installing central heat/air, but that probably won’t happen until September - so another long, hot summer. Husband and friend Dan were out working on the front yard again Saturday. They were able to relocate some of the shrubs that were growing too close to the house and put a rock base down where the “RV” driveway will be. Looks like sprinkler system installation next week. In between cleaning house, doing laundry, ferrying kids around and going to work for six hours, I was able to get some knitting in this weekend. I knitted up and felted another purse with the hand-dyed Antarctica yarn in the Cirque colorway. This yarn is more vibrant (bright yellow, turquoise, hot pink, green, etc.) than the yarn used for the first purse (Violets colorway). Here is a link to Danette’s colorway section of her website: Cirque and Violets. I was also able to start another buttonhole scarf out of the Tahki Diva yarn I received a week or so ago. Still loving that bulky, squishy yarn.