AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 2:05:00 PM ----- BODY:
Finished the hats for my high school buddy's girls - pompoms and all. I must say, they are pretty fun! I want to buy matching OshKosh overalls and turtlenecks to round out the ensemble. Just sent off Becky's patch for her blanket project. I'm a fairly new knitter and haven't attempted any pattern stitches other than your basic garter or stocking stitch. So here I was attempting to create a 6" x 6" patch. Yeah, right. After frogging several times, nearly in tears, I emailed Becky and asked if she would accept a crocheted patch. She was gracious enough to say, "send it in." I crocheted a simple granny square out of a pretty varigated cotton from Colinette. Hopefully, she'll be able to use it in the blanket project, if not, she'll have a new coaster for her coffee table. I'm just about 1/3 along on the hat, which will round out the buttonhole scarf combo. Should have that done this evening. Then I may pick up Sprout this weekend and redo the neck shaping and bindoff and perhaps start on the front. Take care and have a great weekend!