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OK, so I’ve been knitting away on my Sunset Tote, adding ball after ball of yarn. This thing is huge! It has already outgrown my canvas knitting bag and I’ve had to upgrade to my “Viva Las Vegas” bag usually used to transport beach towels to/from various water activities. So yesterday I asked my badcat crafting buddy what she thought about the bottom to side panel ratio. One more skein was the consensus. So one more skein it was, then cast off. Here’s the justification: You know it is hard to really get the full picture when your work is bunched up on circulars. Besides, I’m kind of making this up as I go along. And I’m anxious to get felting. Anyway, once the tote was cast off, I draped it over a couple of boxes. Oh no, the sides aren’t high enough... So I will be spending my evening reversing the cast off, picking up stitches and adding another skein or two of yarn. Happy knitting everyone!