AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 11:30:00 AM ----- BODY:
Progress made on stash organization - I finally have all my Colinette yarns wound and boxed in a see-through plastic tub. My other hand-dyed yarn is also done and “tubbed” except for a couple of stalled projects that need to be ripped out and wound. The novelty yarns are nearly there. I have to finish the miscellaneous non-hand-dyed and non-novelty yarns, which includes some wonderful Lamb’s Pride wool slated for felting projects. Then I need to tackle the neighbor's two garbage bags full of mother-in-law's yarn. I'm going to keep this yarn separate (unless there is just some fantastic color/texture). From a quick look-see, most of the yarn is in the blue spectrum (of which I am not particularly fond). I want to knit them a simple garter stich throw plus hats all around. Worked some more on ChicKami last night and before work this morning. I am now somewhere in “Knit 14 rows even.” ‘Round and around she goes... I have a feeling this won’t get finished before the weekend, but will still have a go at it. I put the Sunset Tote on hold while I have the ChicKami marathon, but Julie over at Booga J just posted a free pattern for a Noro Kureyon felted bag yesterday and I love the way she did the straps. I am definitely going to use this method for my tote straps. Oh, and in case you’re wondering - it’s still hot. It's the eighth consecutive day of 100+ degrees F. Yuck!