AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 2:18:00 PM ----- BODY:
The weekend’s over and it’s still HOT! (Sizzle, sizzle.) The weather report says it’s supposed to continue with the 100+ degrees through the end of the week. Saturday morning was spent doing laundry and cleaning house while the “Graeme and Dan Landscaping show” continued out in our front yard. They decided to rent a trencher to dig trenches for the sprinkler system. Around 2:00 p.m., I hosed them down and took husband Graeme, friend Dan, and my daughter to a great little vegetarian café, the SunFlower, in Old Town Fair Oaks. Sunday after church I took the kids and their friend to Waterworld for the day. Husband ended up going to the movies with some friends because he was “on call” this weekend and didn’t want to get paged while sliding down the “Cliff Hanger.” I spent some time in the wave pool and couldn’t help thinking about Piscine floating around in his lifeboat with the Bengal Tiger in The Life of Pi. I did get some knitting and knitting-related tasks done this weekend too. I am still working on organizing my stash. This has been quite an undertaking as my stash is very LARGE. Have I mentioned I am a yarn addict? Liz over at Crafty B seems to suffer from the same malady. I could totally relate to her 7/18/03 blog entry. And to add to the disorder, my neighbor knocked on my door Saturday with two big garbage bags of - you guessed it - yarn. This was yarn that her mother-in-law had in her stash before she passed on a year or so ago. I just couldn’t say no. Besides, I have been promising hand-made items for their family for two years now and what better way to use up the yarn from their mother/grandmother’s stash. Works in Progress Update Sunset Tote: picked up stitches around the base of the tote and am about three inches up the sides. ChicKami: I am just finishing the waist decreases. Once I got through the awful cast on and 1x1 ribbing, the stocking stitch seems to be whizzing by. I think it was just a matter of getting used to the smaller needle and yarn size. I would love to finish this by Friday (you said Friday?) - yes Friday. I want to wear it at the Dixon Lambtown Festival on Saturday. WoolEase/Dune Scarf: stalled on the needles. I need to buy more Dune. Sprout: languishing in my knitting bag. Not too interested in this project right now.