AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 11:20:00 AM ----- BODY:
Well, husband showed up at my work yesterday evening with a cute little plant in hand. With the plant was a card and on the card was a picture of a donkey, or should I say ass, with the words, “I’m Sorry.” Now how’s that for an apology? Finally bought the OshKosh jean jumpers and tees to go with the knitted hats for my high school friend’s little girls. Here are pictures of the ensemble. Thanks to my badcat buddy for the use of her digital camera. The hats and outfits will be winging their way to Ohio in a day or so. I wish I could have successfully knitted some really cute sweaters; it’s funny how one tries to impress the wife of an old boyfriend...the hats will have to do. I could have screamed in frustration when I logged on to Bonne Marie’s blog to discover the following: “All of my current knitting projects are too hot or too complicated to be proper bus knitting. So I'm making another ChicKami (out of Phildar Akala #4 - just scrumptious pearl mercerized cotton). This one will be without shaping and I'm testing wider straps. I'll update the pattern with the strap option #2 when I finish. Last summer, I made three in a row...” ...and she’s almost done while I’m still plodding along on the K1, P1 ribbing! Are there any nice big chunky, big needle knit-a-longs out there?