AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 11:33:00 AM ----- BODY:
I finished the Colinette Boa (photos to come soon). It is knit with predominately red/orange colors with splashes of green, yellow, blue, and brown in various shades. It reminds me of chili peppers. It was a very fun project and is definitely on my list to knit again. Everyone who sees it immediately throws it around their neck and glides around like some vintage Hollywood movie star. I had to frog the triangle shawl and start again. I wasn’t increasing as often as I should have to get the shape I wanted. I decided to rip the Kool Wood/Dune scarf (ran out of Dune) and instead of knitting the scarf with the two yarns held together, I will alternate them in some sort of pattern; thus causing the yarn to go farther. I couldn’t resist the allure of the multi-directional scarf and started that last night (once boa was off the needles). It is knitted with the same Kureyon yarn used for my felted River Rock Bag. I am knitting the scarf a bit larger and then will “gently” felt to match the bag. The River Rock Bag is currently at my mom’s getting a lining, which reminds me I need to take pictures of the lining in the Sunset Tote too. I am currently in “boutique knitting mode.” I have been invited to participate in a craft boutique sometime this Fall. It is an "exclusive" boutique with a number of local artists here in Sacramento (no plastic canvas - please!). I feel very honored to be included this year. Everyone who attends the boutique are friends and family of the artisans, so they appreciate the value of the hand-made items. I am hoping to go to Nicaragua in January or February for 10 days so any money made from the sale of my hand-made items is going towards my trip. I just need to keep to my plan and not purchase any new yarn until I use up quite a bit of my stash. I found a quilt top in my closet that I made several years ago, but never finished. My mom has taken it home to make pillows out of it (she is a much better seamstress than I) to help with my Nicaragua financing.