AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 5:13:00 PM ----- BODY:
We experienced a very rare occurrence here in Northern California last night. Heavy rains with thunder and lightning. We get heavy rain during the winter, but hardly ever accompanied by thunder and lightning. Our power went out at 11:00 p.m. last night and the last time I checked, it still hasn’t been restored. We’re going on 17 hours now! It’s just isolated to our small neighborhood fortunately. However, I am not looking forward to going into my refrigerator once I get home from work. Looks like "take out" tonight. May have to go catch a movie or hang out at Borders if the there aren't any lights on. The storm was ferocious enough to send the kids and animals running into our bedroom. We ended up having a slumber party with the two kids on the floor in sleeping bags and the two cats and one dog in bed with us. Meanwhile, we pulled up the blinds, cracked the windows and enjoyed the show. *** Anyway, the other day I received a “Thank You” card from my old high school buddy’s wife. I had knitted this pair of matching hats paired with Osh Kosh outfits for their two little girls. Her note read as follows: “Thank you so much for the beautiful baby outfits...and we LOVE the hats! It wasn’t until I looked at the little card that I realized that you hand-made them! They are ADORABLE! And you are so talented! Marvin has told me so much about you, and I hope to meet you someday!” Hummm...While I certainly appreciate the accolades (and she does seem like a very sweet person), I have to wonder what Marv has told her about me. Did he mention the time I puked on his favorite blanket? Or the time I passed out in his dorm bathroom? Or the time we were “parking” and the police came up, flashlights shining, wanting to know what we were doing? Or the time I ran into his (very conservative) mother on the Bart train and my hair and make up was all “punked up” and she forbade Marv to associate with me? Or the time I ran off to Hawaii and dumped him for my husband? Yes, we got a lot of history there... I am thrilled he has such a beautiful family and do hope to meet them someday. I just hope she doesn’t think I corrupted him - it takes two to tango you know.