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Here’s a picture of the Kureyon Multi-directional scarf WIP. I have since finished and felted it. Over the last few weeks, I have read here and there that the Kureyon wool tends to be an unpredictable “felter.” Thus far I have been fortunate that my two handbags have turned out so well... And then the scarf... While I like the way the multi-directional triangles (colors) flowed, the shaping was all skewed. I brought the felted fiasco into work today and, what do you know, my crafting buddy loves it! Is this a case of beauty is in the eye of the beholder or my expectations weren’t met and I soured on the project? Will get a picture of the finished felted fiasco soon. Despite the felted fiasco, I have already started another Multi-Directional Scarf with some variegated Ironstone wool in pretty greens and purples. Note: This will not be felted! Hopefully, I’ll have enough yarn left over to whip up a matching hat. At long last here is a picture of the lining my mom sewed into the Sunset Tote. I am loving this bag and take it everywhere with my WIP’s tucked inside. This weekend I cast on, knitted a few rows, and ripped out a couple times on the Wave & Shell Shawl. I'm trying to work out the correct amount of stitches for the width, determining a good needle size, and getting to know the pattern stitch. This pattern is so beautiful AND so easy. Who would have guessed?