AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 4:24:00 PM ----- BODY:
I didn't get a stitch of knitting done this weekend. My son and I drove 200 miles down Hwy 99 to visit my mom, sister and her family. Husband and daughter had other obligations at home so were not able to join us on the trip (there went my six hours uninterrupted knitting time [round trip] if husband had driven). Anyway, my son and I had a good time just hanging out together. On Saturday we toured the Forestiere Underground Gardens. Forestiere, a Silian immigrant, had bought a plot of land in the Fresno area only to find out it was useless for growing anything, being mostly hardpan rock. He spent the next forty years creating a network of subterranean passageways, courtyards, patios and rooms -- hand carved no less! He used skylights to light his underground dwelling and lived there until his death in 1946. My sister and I went out on the town Saturday night and saw the movie The Magdelene Sisters. Based on a true story, the movie takes place in Ireland during the mid-sixties and chronicles the lives of four women who were "institutionalized" in a Catholic home for "wayward" women. You can just imagine what the girls went through to "atone" for their "sins." It is a very good, but very disturbing movie. I am so glad that my God is one of Grace and Forgiveness. I did get to spend time with these two precious ones. My sister’s grandchildren, my grand niece and nephew!