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Life & Death Both my husband and I are in the life and death business. I took a call from a policyholder whose wife suffered a fatal asthma attack. The doctors performed an emergency c-section but were uable to save his unborn child either. My husband picked up the body of a young man. He was in the armed services serving in Iraq. Home on leave, he was driving to visit his family and friends. He swerved to miss an animal and plowed into a tree, dying instantly. Remember to tell your family and friends you love and appreciate them - every day. *** On Sunday afternoon, we were able to gather with a group of friends to see the video that was shot of a rock opera we had performed in last spring. Picture of Jesus was an hour 1/2 musical production (in the Jesus Christ Superstar style) with a cast and crew of over 80. It was a blast to finally see the whole production from the "audience," albeit a video performance. The video crew was able to get a lot of backstage footage and silly interviews too. The Picture of Jesus website is located here if you would be interested in seeing still photos of the production. I can be seen in "Lazarus Part 1" in the green headdress. My husband can be seen in "Mercy, Not Sacrifice" second picture down on the left. Unfortunately, there are no good pics of the kids posted on the website. *** Wave/Shell Stole. I wasn't going to admit this, but here goes. I was on the third pattern repeat, but then I noticed the knitted pattern was doing some "funky" things, like having the purls show up on the wrong side and the eyelets not coming out correctly. Anyway, I looked at my chart (I type up a chart to track the rows and have boxes to check when a row is complete), and noticed I left out Row 9! Arrrggghhh! So rip, rip rip it good. I started the pattern again and am about where I was on Friday (sigh). Multi-Directional Scarf. I was able to knit another "triangle" section. This is a rather boring knit, but looks really cool with the varigated yarn. Takhi Viva Hat/Scarf Combo. I am working on the scarf and am almost to the "button hole" shaping. I've finished another roll of film and will drop it off at the 1 hour photo tomorrow. So pictures soon.