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The Obligatory Feline Here is a picture of my precious Betsy. She turned 17 in July. Betsy was born in my linen closet and has been with me through ten moves in 15 years! Betsy is a “talker.” If I inadvertently leave her out all night, she will give me a piece of her mind when I let her in the next morning. “Meow, meow, ow, ow, meow, meow, meow!” Betsy did not appreciate it when we brought the Son and then the Daughter home from the hospital. She wouldn’t let the kids near her for five years! However, once when Son was about 4, he quietly walked up to me while Betsy was sitting on my lap and I told Son to put his ear to her side. Betsy was purring up a storm not realizing that a child was in her vicinity. As Son listened to the purring, his eyes got so big and asked, “what’s that in there?” Betsy, you are a blessing, a constant companion, comforter and friend. You were there when I was sobbing, offering kitty comfort. You were there when I was celebrating, meowing your approval. You were there when I was giddy, quietly grooming yourself reminding me to remain calm. I love you. *** In knitting news, I am on the eighth pattern repeat on the Wave/Shell Stole. I’m still plodding along on the multi-directional scarf. The Ice Princess Boa is about 1/3 done. I am suffering from startitis, but am resisting thus far and rotating between my three WIPs. I ran to K-Mart today on my lunch break and bought another disposable camera for blogging pics. If there is a bonus foretold in the stars for me, it is definitely going towards a digital camera and PC set up at home. Knit On!