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Se habla espanol? There are times I wish I had taken my dad’s advice. Despite my father being a blue collar down to earth type, he was forward-looking and always encouraged me to reach beyond. He told me to take computer science because computers were the wave of the future. He encouraged me to strive for excellence in expressing myself verbally and on paper. He told me to study history because we can learn from past mistakes, failures and triumphs. He told me to take Spanish because we live in a state with a large Spanish speaking population and will find this skill invaluable in my life. I took computer science, barely passed, but I got familiar with the technology. Today live my life in front of a computer monitor. I honed my written and verbal skills by writing research papers and essays and participating in public speaking debates. Today I work in customer service and daily use my written and verbal skills to clearly express myself. I took World, American, and European history courses thrilling in the rich cultures, lamenting the atrocities and finding where I fit in the mix. I took French and haven’t used it in 20 years. The other day I was on the phone with a young girl who was translating for her grandfather. The poor girl was having a hard time explaining what was needed while her grandfather was bellowing in the background. The frustration level on all our parts was palatable and a little voice in my head kept saying, “you should have taken Spanish,” and I could just see Dad looking down from Heaven saying, “I told you so.” Another thing my dad used to say, “Some people live and learn, other people just live.” So have I learned my lesson? *** In knitting news I am on the third pattern repeat of my Wave & Shell Stole. I finally committed to this knit-a-long and actually entered my name on the “official” Wave/Shell Shawl knit-a-long site over at Rachael’s. Woo Hoo! I have started another hat/scarf combo out of the Takhi Viva yarn, which should knit up really quickly on size 17 needles for the scarf and size 15 for the hat. Still working on Multi-Directional Scarf #2 (non-felted!). Have a great one!