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Simply Mahvelous Darlink... Here is the "Chili Pepper Boa." It was knit on size 15 needles with Colinette's Mohair and Isis yarns. It took one skein of the Mohair and two of the Isis. I ended up alternating the two Isis skeins every other row in order to blend the colors more evenly. Here is another photo with my badcat crafting buddy modeling. This was a very fun project and absolutely on my list to make again. However, I found it a slow knit (at least for me) in securing the loops for every other stitch. Tiffany recomemded a crocheted version which works up really quickly. I am playing around with the pattern and different yarns. I'm not too thrilled with the "chained" loops, but perhaps a furry yarn will hide the chains.