AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 6:19:00 PM ----- BODY:
Yesterday, while waiting at Sacramento’s longest traffic light (Coloma at Sunrise), I picked up my knitting and worked a few rows. I heard a quick toot of a horn and looked to my left. There in the car next to mine were two older gentlemen waving and smiling at me. I’m thinking, “Do I know you?” I tentatively smile and nod. Then one of the men began to pantomime knitting while the other gave me the thumbs up. The light changed, they gave me one more wave and roared off down the street. Finished the second Kool Aid-dyed hat. I am amazed at the colors that came from this hank of yarn dyed by my husband (he’s an artist you know). The colors are autumnal in nature ranging from oranges to greens to dark burgundies and reds. I think I may stick a pompom on the top, despite the fact I knit it to fit an adult. I also started another knitted boa. This one is dubbed Purple Passion (thanks to Natashia, who is the project-naming diva around the office). It is knit out of Colinette’s Fandango cotton chenille in a pretty purple and Trendsetter’s Dune color #94 (a mohair/metallic combo yarn). I’m still plodding along on the Wave/Shell stole. I try to knit one 16 row pattern repeat per day, but have fallen behind the last several days or so.