AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 11:18:00 AM ----- BODY:
After a gawd-awful work week and succumbing to a flu bug, Knitti-me spent her Saturday recouping on the sofa, napping, watching movies and knitting some. On Sunday she did peek inside the hall closet, screamed in horror, and ran from the house. “It’s just too much,” she panted. Tiffany wanted to know why I just didn’t put the stash in the hall closet. “Believe it or not, the stash is bigger than the hall closet,” I responded in Comments. I will take another stab at cleaning and reorganizing the closets next weekend when my tender psyche and general health are more fortified. Purple Passion is DONE! Woo HOO! And it looks fantastico. I started yet another boa. This one is knit out of Adriafil’s Ibiza Ribbon and Crystal Palace’s Fizz both in variegated colors of orange mango, lime green, and raspberry red. It has been dubbed the “Rainbow Sorbet Boa” by the project name diva, Natashia. Natashia is our fledgling knitter here at work and is making fine progress on her Booga Bag. And speaking of Woo Hoo, check out badcat Karin’s cabling foray! Knit On my friends!!!