AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 2:02:00 PM ----- BODY:
Boa's Galore! When I first saw this pattern on ebay, I had to have it! Once received and begun, I realized how simple the pattern was. However, I did go down one needle size and made one small change to the pattern as to how I secured the loop. Using fabulous yarns, this simple pattern has great impact! First up we have The Chili Peppers Boa knit from Colinette's Isis (2 skeins) and Mohair (1 skein) yarns in fiery reds and oranges with splashes of yellow, green, brown and blue. My second boa, named The Ice Princess Boa, was knit from Colinette's Fandango (2 skeins) and Mohair (1 skein) yarns in bluey pinks and greys with splashes of green and white. This boa was sold even before it was off the needles. My girlfriend who bought the boa went to San Francisco last weekend and literally got stopped on the street by people inquiring after her fabulous accessory! The Purple Passion Boa was the next creation. This boa was knit from two skeins of Colinette's Fandango in a pretty lilac/purple color and Trendsetter's Dune (a mohair/metallic combo) color #94. I brought the boa in to work for Show & Tell and my boss kept eyeing it. Needless to say, she'll be wearing it to her son's football game tonight. The next boa was a total diversion from Colinette yarns. I knit this one up in Adriafil's Ibiza ribbon yarn paired with Crystal Palace's Fizz in variegated colors of orange mango, lime green, and raspberry red dubbed The Rainbow Sorbet Boa. And finally The Flamingo Fantasy Boa. This was knit out of Colinette's Fandango and an unknown mohair from the stash. This boa is a fun combination of pinks, oranges, and burgundies.