AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 2:19:00 PM ----- BODY:
I dropped Son and friend off at the movies and I am here at work--on a Saturday. However, instead of getting ahead of the game work-wise, I am surfing the knitting blogs. Went over to Bron's blog yesterday and read her Friday, October 24 post regarding blog comments versus the number of hits. Great conversation in her comments too. It brought up some food for thought: * Do we not leave comments because we feel what we have to say is not valid or funny or profound? * Are we just in too much of a hurry, the "read and run" syndrome, to take the time? * Are we fearful of commenter's remorse? * Are we intimidated because we don't "know" the blogger and feel like we are intruding? In my comment's to Bron I mentioned that I "boot up my computer each morning and anxiously check if I have comments. Most of my hits are probably me checking my own comments! I don't normally get a lot of comments and sometimes that makes me feel that what I have to say is not comment-worthy; however I will persevere and continue to chronicle my knitting life." Son just called. The movie is over so now it's off to Borders and GameStop. So much for getting any work done, but I did enjoy stopping by and reading some of my favorite blogs. Knit On my blogging buddies!