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I should have known better... Well I participated in the Community Craft Fair and Garage Sale and not one hand-made item sold. I did, however, sell off a bit of my stash and some old pattern books, barely making my $20 booth fee. The people next to me made over $600. Selling what you ask? JUNK!. To add insult to injury, someone stole my Bonne Bell lip balm that was in the crocheted lip balm holder with matching scarf set (lip balm included with purchase). They just don’t get it... I know this conversation has gone around the knitting blogs often enough, but your average Joe or Jane just doesn’t understand the craftsmanship and time involved in handmade items. I have knit my scarves, boas and bags from high-end yarns, many of them hand-dyed – this is quality stuff. However, in the age of Targets, K-Marts and Wal-Marts, you just can’t compete. Unexpected blessing... Anyway, the day at the fair wasn’t a complete waste, and I actually had a good time. Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone and feel like you have been good friends forever? I had that experience on Saturday. Jaime and her mom had a booth of crocheted scarves embellished with beads along with some beautiful beaded jewelry. I couldn’t believe they were selling their beautiful six foot beaded scarves for $20! And I told them so. Jaime and I connected right away and spent several hours just talking. By the end of the day we had exchanged contact information and made plans to get together. Wow – that’s an experience you don’t get very often, if at all, and when it happens is such a cherished gift. Treasures... I was able to trade one of my felted party bags for one of Jaime’s beaded scarves and found a gorgeous beaded bracelet and earrings at another booth, thus spending any money I had made. Do not loose heart... There are still have a couple of exclusive craft shows that I will be participating in. These shows will be strictly made up of local artisans and those attending will appreciate the time and craftsmanship put into each item. Works in Progress... The Wave/Shell Stole had been put on the back burner while I whipped up some quicky hats and scarves for the craft fair. I hope to begin knitting on it again. Here’s a progress photo. Another Booga Bag is in the works. I broke down and purchased another 10 pack of Noro Kureyon in Color #31 (discontinued). I’ve finished the bottom and am about two inches up the sides. I am working on a Multi-Directional scarf knit in this gorgeous Icelandic wool hand-painted by Maryann Miller (lotus blossom on ebay). This is a quick knit with bulky yarn and size 15 needles. I will be working on a commissioned boa for my friend who bought the Ice Princess Boa. She requested a boa in black with hints of red and gold. Just got the yarn so I am ready to begin at any time. Well my friends, it is time for me to sign off. Have a good one!