AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 11:58:00 AM ----- BODY:
Success! My stash has been successfully relocated to the hall closet. After clearing the closet and hauling two huge boxes off to the thrift store, I was able to determine the hall closet was indeed large enough to house my stash. Needless to say husband was happy not to be kicked out of the bedroom closet. In the process I took another stab at de-stashing and weeded out a boxful of yarn I knew I would never use. There are still a couple of areas to clean up in the livingroom, such as the “frog pond” and “UFO” pile, but major progress has been made. My ChicKami has gone into the frog pond. I took it off the needles and saw that it certainly was the circus tent tank and much too big for me (should I be flattered or get real and face up to the fact my gauge was off?). Anyway, will attempt again in the Spring. Sprout went the way of the frog pond too; just wasn’t a thrilling project for me anymore. In other knitting news, I will be participating in a craft fair this weekend and have been in production mode knitting scarves. In additional to the Purple Passion Boa (which has been sold by the way), I have finished the Rainbow Sorbet Boa and started and finished two more scarves – a 6 footer knit out of a thick/thin hand-dyed yarn in seed stitch (dubbed Autumn Glory) and a 5 foot sparkly bluey-grey scarf knit out of Adriafil-Stars. I am about halfway through another boa, this one knit out of Colinette’s Fandango and an unknown mohair. I named this one the Flamingo Fantasy Boa. Along with my hats, scarves, boas and felted bags, my Mom made some pretty pillows and a couple of aprons (from a vintage 1950's pattern) to sell at the craft fair. Hopefully, I will also be able to sell some of badcat’s fun and colorful quilted pillows and another friend’s hand-beaded jewelry and bookmarks. This fair is actually the “Community Craft Fair and Garage Sale” hosted by three local radio stations here in Sacramento. Therefore, it is not an exclusive craft fair per se, having garage/thrift store items and Mary Kay/Pampered Chef booths interspersed; however, I am confident a good crowd will gather. Photos to come soon – I promise!