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AAARRRGGGGHH! I have fallen off the wagon BIG time. I had put myself on a self-imposed yarn fast in August. I did fairly well until just recently when my girlfriend commissioned a scarf (Barbara’s black with hints of red and gold scarf). Believe it or not, I had no suitable yarn in the stash for such a specific request. So on to the Internet I went. The ordered yarn arrived and wasn’t quite what I was looking for so into the stash it went. A trip to the LYS was in order, which coincidentally was holding a Divorce Sale. Of course I couldn’t let all that fabulous yarn go to waste (not at 60% off, NO WAY). The bingeing continued as I won an auction of Colinette yarn on eBay (thank God I was outbid on the Noro Silk Garden). Then today, after an extremely stressful staff meeting, I returned to the LYS for some yarn therapy. Nearly $80.00 later I am smuggling the new yarn into the house and stuffing it deep into the back of my yarn closet. My name is Marie and I am a yarn addict! So it’s “No yarn for you!” *** On a more positive note, I have reclaimed my living room! The first step was taken several weeks ago when I move my yarn stash and craft supplies out and set up my yarn closet. (As an aside, we had our house appraised yesterday and the appraiser opened my closet and exclaimed, “Wow, who does the knitting?!” Needless to say she was very impressed with my stash. My husband, however, whisked her away before I could corner her to talk “shop.”) It took two days, but I ended up with a clean and organized living space. Next the kitchen! *** Not much knitting news to report. I have decided to turn my Booga Bag mishap (the Barney Blues Bag) into an origami type purse. I will be taking it with me to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving so we can collaborate on where to sew seams in order for the purse to keep it’s shape, etc. Of course with my yarn bingeing I have lots of yarn to fondle for inspiration. Knit On!