AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 4:03:00 PM ----- BODY:
All my bad restaurant stories have occurred at various Dennys throughout the US. That is until last Saturday. Husband and I went out for breakfast at the California Diner, which coincidentally used to be a Dennys. The place was busy, but not crazy. The waitress was never around when we needed her and she kept apologizing for everything, then turns around and blames everything on the kitchen staff and bus boys. And of course, our meals were not correct. Anyway, we choose not to order a beverage with our meals, "just water, thanks." Both my husband and I finished our glass of water and wanted a refill. We kept trying to get her attention, which she blatantly ignored. We even placed our glasses by the edge of the table as a visual for what we were requesting. Finally, short of tackling her in the aisle, we made our request known. "I'll be right back with your waters." Ten minutes ticks by, she actually walks by our table and mutters, "oh yeah, water." At long last, with water pitcher in hand, she arrives to fill our glasses with the following comment: "If you were dying of thirst, you'd be dead by now."