AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 5:50:00 PM ----- BODY:
Blogger ate my post…I had hoped I would never have to say that… Usually I work on my posts in Word and then copy them over to Blogger for publishing. However last Friday, I thought, “I’ve never had problems with Blogger, what the heck, I’ll just post straight from there.” Famous last words… Well today is a new day and I’m writing my post in Word – lesson learned. FO’s—I’ve been busy! The Icelandic Multi-directional scarf is done. I ended up doing a single crochet along the edge to give it a more finished look. The Jelly Belly Scarf is done! Christina’s commissioned scarf is done. This scarf is beautiful! It was knit from GGH “Fee” yarn in a fuzzy brown with metallic gold slubs. I also started and finished another commissioned scarf for my friend Barbara. She bought the Ice Princess Boa, which she affectionately called “The Dog.” This new scarf is dubbed “The Cat.” It was knit from Berrocco Furz in black with a metallic eyelash carry-along yarn in gold and red—really, really pretty. WIP’s—Keeping myself out of trouble! I felted the Barney Blues Booga Bag and I-cord and discovered I didn’t knit the sides high enough for the width of the bottom (it's kind of the shap of a shoe box). I’m going to consult with my knitting buddies badcat Karin and Natashia to see if I can’t make something useful out of it. I started another boa. Haven’t named it yet. I’m using three yarns: Colinette’s Boucle, Colinette’s Isis, and Berrocco’s Chinchilla. I am alternating the Isis and Chinchilla every two rows while carrying the Boucle straight through. I’m also about halfway through another novelty scarf knit from Crystal Palace’s Splash in the Denim colorway paired with Lion Brand’s Micro-Spun in a pretty blue. I am alternating each yarn every two rows. Mindless knitting, but very pretty. I started another Bucket-o-Chic out of Lamb’s Pride Worsted in a colorway called Strawberry Fields (I think). Anyway, it is a subtly variegated yarn in shades of red and pink. It should look fabulous felted. And lastly, for my commute knitting I am making another seed stitch six footer scarf out of a thick/thin hand-dyed yarn by Maryann Miller in her Deep Pool Colorway. I am trying to fill up my disposable camera with pictures of my FO’s and WIP’s. Hopefully, I can drop the film off at Wal-Mart soon. Today I want to leave you with a triangle scarf I knit out of Colinette’s Mohair in the Monet colorway. I threaded glass beads onto the yarn prior to knitting and randomly knit them into the fabric.