AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 4:09:00 PM ----- BODY:
Finished Objects! First up we have a duo of scarves. On the left is Christina's Scarf knit in the wonderful GGH Fee yarn in fuzzy brown with metalic gold slubs. On the right is the Jelly Belly Scarf knit out of a thick/thin handpainted wool in seed stitch. Next is a scarf knit out of Berrocco Furz with a carry-a-long eyelash of metalic reds and golds. And here is the lovely Barbara modeling her new scarf. Here are a couple of Hat/Scarf Combo's. The red combo is a button-hole scarf and hat knit from the beloved Tahki Viva yarn. I had actually finished the buttonhole scarf several months ago with the intention of knitting a matching hat. So last night during Survivor (poor Rupert), I whipped up the hat. The blue combo is knit from Crystal Palace's Splash and Lion Brand's Micro-Spun alternated every two rows. And lastly, here is the elusive Tasha. Not to get her confused with 18 year old Precious Betsy. Confusing when you have two black cats... Have a great weekend everybody!