AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 5:16:00 PM ----- BODY:
I only have two WIP's at the moment (more to be added tonight!). The first is the Berries & Cream Boa. As I mentioned before, this is knit from Berrocco Chinchilla, Colinette's Isis and Colinette's Boucle. I realized that I did not have enough Boucle to finish the project so I contacted all my Colinette sources for Boucle #121 (Sunrise). Unfortunately, not one of them had that particular colorway in stock (curses!). However, I did order a corresponding colorway (Summer Berries) that should work. So this boa is currently stalled on the needles. The other WIP is this really fun boa knit from Adriafil Stars Print and a varigated Rayon from Classic Elite. My husband said this boa looks like clown threw up (teehee). Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you -- the Clown Barf Boa! FO's are abounding but I only have the WIP photo for show and tell. Here is a wonderful accessory scarf knit from GGH Fee yarn in a pretty ice blue with metallic silver slubs. I finished the Shape It! scarf from The Knit Stitch last night (the extra ball of Dune arrived in the mail yesterday). I was going to add this scarf to my boutique scarves, but I wore this to work today and love it too much. I'm going to keep for myself. Lastly, here is my second Bucket-o-Chic. I knit it out of Lamb's Pride worsted. Up to this point, I have been felting primarily Noro Kureyon. Kureyon usually takes three to four wash cyclels before shrinking to the desired size. However, this Lamb's Pride surpised me by shrinking way too much just in 12 minutes! As a result I have a midget Bucket-o-Chic. I don't even know if it will fit a child/baby as I haven't had any little ones around to try it on. I will be seeing my great neice and nephew this weekend so I can determine if I have a child's size or baby doll size hat. I wish each and every one of you a Thanksgiving full of fellowship, food and fun. —Marie