AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 3:49:00 PM ----- BODY:
We had a pretty quiet weekend once we got Halloween out of the way Friday night. However, the kids were wired from all that candy. I did some more de-stashing by taking out all my Lion Brand yarn (Homespun, Kool Wool, Woolease, MicroSpun, etc.) and putting it in a sealed tub in the garage. I know, I've become such a yarn snob - I just love my hand-dyed and novelty yarns. However, I hope you did notice that I didn't give the Lion Brand yarn away, (couldn't bring myself to do that!). I still want to keep the yarn on hand for down and dirty projects, (i.e. garmets that can be machine washed, dog sweaters, kid's wear, etc.) Now my yarn closet is not so crammed and I can get a good gander at all those lovely yarns without balls and hanks spilling out into the hallway like a bunch of Tribbles Here are some finished objects: This is an accessory scarf I knitted last Spring out of Colinette's Wigwam cotton ribbon. Here is a photo of Autumnal-colored hat I knitted from the Kool Aid-dyed yarn my husband painted. Love IT! This is a hat and buttonhole scarf set I knit out of Tahki Viva yarn. Works in Progress: In case you were wondering, I am still in accessory knitting mode to build my stock for the craft boutiques coming up. Here is what I call the Jelly Belly Scarf. Ufortunately, the flash washed out the colors in the photo, but the color combination looks like a handful of Jelly Bellies. This yarn was handdyed by Danette Taylor and is knit in seed stitch. I am still plugging away on the Icelandic Multi-directional scarf and the I-Cord for the Barney Blues Booga Bag. The Wave/Shell Stole is still simmering on the back burner. A non-knitting friend at work commissioned a scarf after she saw some yummy GGH yarn I had bought at my LYS's Divorce Sale. I had bought the yarn to knit a scarf for myself, but now it will grace Christina's neck. I have about three more inches until cast off and then the fringe. It should be ready for her when she comes back to work on Wednesday. During my de-stashing on Saturday, I was able to put together a couple of yarn combinations to make two more boas-Yeah!