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Can’t talk long, but the Craft Boutique was very fun and very much a success! I was able make just over $300.00 for my Nicaragua Trip – so Woo Hoo! I made some fun trades too! * Two beautiful hand-painted silk scarves traded for my felted River Rock Booga Bag and * Two pairs of beaded earring and one beaded necklace for one of my wooly scarves. I was also able to spend badcat Karin’s wonderful birthday gift of $20.00 on another beautiful hand-beaded necklace. Pix soon - I hope! We just refinanced our home and the cash-out wasn’t as much as we had hoped for so there’s no telling how long it will be before I become the proud owner of a digital camera (or home computer for that matter). I’m also wondering if there’s a bonus in my future. So far there is no evidence or rumors that my review is in the works, so there’s a bit of “cage pacing” while I wait. Have a great evening!