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This Christmas season I do not want to leave you with a ranting monologue on inconsiderate birthday practices. Therefore, I would like to share this Christmas poem with you. Keeping Christmas, By Verna S. Teeuwissen Is Christmas the smell of evergreen, The jingle of bells on a sleigh; Is Christmas the laughter of children, The greeting of friends in the way? Is Christmas the lighting of candles, The hanging of wreaths on the door; Is Christmas the welcome of loved ones? Yes, Christmas is this, and more. For Christmas echoes from angels Its message of peace, good will; And Christmas tells of a manger On a calm Judean hill, Where shepherds bowed and worshipped As God incarnate slept, And it's only as we kneel with them That our Christmas is truly kept. May your holiday festivities be filled with laughter, love, and joy. With love and goodwill, —Marie