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And the winner is... Rosedale! As many of you know, I am determined to slay the sweater demon and knit myself a garmet that I can wear in public. I had purchased some beautiful Noro Silk Garden for my birthday, so I spent quite a bit of time searching and swatching for the right pattern. It was quite funny, here I was frantically looking for my Rosedale pattern that I printed off at work - after about a half hour of searching, I thumped myself on the head - here I was in the same room with my new state-of-the-art computer with internet connection (albiet slow dial-up) and access to 24/7. So I just scooted up to the computer, dialed up and printed me another copy of Rosedale. I actually had to go down two needle sizes because I'm such a loose woman (ha!). The corrugated rib eluded me, so I opted for straight K2, P1 ribbing. Here's a picture of the first 1 1/2" out of the 3" ribbing. I was puttering around the house on Saturday and I saw Ally growling and shaking her doggie toy in a typical doggie frenzy. The growling went on for quite a while and I wandered into the living room to find a ball of my Silk Garden strewn throughout the room! Nooooooooo!!!!! Yeah, doesn't she look contrite? Take care my blogging buddies.