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As I have alluded to, I have fallen off the yarn diet big time! Here are a few of my new acquisitions: This is a 10-pak of Noro Silk Garden Color 65. I have promised myself that I would conquer the sweater demon and knit myself a garmet this year. I am on the hunt for a pattern. Any suggestions? I absolutely love hand-painted yarns and Over the Rainbow Yarns is one of my favorites. On the top we have 600 yards of a lucious silk/merino blend in Mary Ann's Midnight colorway. On the bottom is 500 yards of Twinkle Toes wool in her Jewel colorway. There is another eBay store that I have been clicking around in for several months, and I finally decided to buy some yarn. These were purchased from Textile Design Art and I must say their yarns are pretty lucious too. On top we have a thick/thin Labrador wool in the Clara colorway. In the middle is a Texas mohair/wool blend in the Yukon colorway. And lastly we have a British mohair in the Riviera colorway. I have also added to my stash of novelty yarns, but I won't bore you with the particulars, but suffice it to say, there are some glitzy, fuzzy, sparkley scarves in the future (next Christmas probably) or I may incorporate them into some throws and/or shawls I have in mind. I have four more scarves to finish before I can close the door on "scarfing" this season. My coworker commissioned a fuzzy/sparkley scarf, which I completed this last weekend (photo to come), my sister's birthday is coming up fast and I need to crank out another fancy scarf for her, my friend Anna has been waiting patiently for her commissioned scarf knit from GGH Fee, and my husband is waiting for his birthday scarf (which I have ripped out three times 'cause I can't find the right fit for pattern and yarn). So there you have it - confessions of a yarn addict. Knit On!