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I walked into Borders the other day and what did I see? Why this new book by Robert Jordan! New Spring, The Novel. This is the prequel (apparently the first of three) to the Wheel of Time series. If you don't know already, I am a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy and I was absolutely thrilled to see this book. Of course I snatched it up right away and whisked the book home. I am nearly done and my faith has been restored in the series. The last three or so books in the series (10 so far) have moved the story along at a snail's pace. I have read this series through twice despite the "transitional" nature of some of the books. Anyway, if any of you knit-bloggers out there have read the series, I would love to hear your thoughts and theories on what's happening. Now back to your regularly scheduled knitting content. Here's a pic the finished commissioned scarf for my friend Karen. It's knit from a bluey-gray Adriafil Stars and a burguncy eyelash held together. Quick knit on size 13's. I have ripped my husband's birthday scarf four times now and am about to give up on this yarn. Back to the drawing board. Looks like I'll just have to go stash diving for another yarn that is "manly" enough for him. I'm still perusing patterns for my Noro Silk Garden pull-over or cardie for ME, ME, ME! I should start swatching any day now. Woo Hoo! Knit on my blogging buddies!