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Blogging Randomness I recently reconnected with a high school buddy (Hi Mich!). After we talked on the phone for nearly two hours, I sat down and emailed her. I mentioned that I had a blog, mainly about knitting and life in general, and if she was interested to go over and have a look. Mich emailed back to say, "Interesting! Not sure I understand it all! That is (about) the knitting obsession; but nice to get a bit of insight on what you are up to and your interests." What??!!! She doesn't understand my knitting fanaticism? Hehe... Well, she better get used to it, after all, she's getting a pair of fingerless gloves out of it. ~~~ If you look in my comments this week, I've received a couple of friendly notes from my Secret Knit Pal (Hi Secret Pal! Thanks for the encouragement.). This is such a fun program and a special thank you to Sandy for setting it all up. ~~~ I'm still trying to figure out how to put images over on my sidebar. Any help would be appreciated. All I can say about Blogger's help features on their site is that they s*ck. ~~~ I've set up a second blog to showcase my finished objects for 2004. I've put a link over in the sidebar, but there's not much to see yet. It's a work in progress. ~~~ In my blogstats, my site came up on a search for "overweight, goth, punk." An overweight, gothic punk - hum... Well, I thought it was funny. ~~~ Well, that's all for today. Knit on!