AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 1:39:00 PM ----- BODY:
I Dare Ya! I Double Dare Ya! I looked at my blog stats again today and saw that my blog came up on a Google search for, "Suicidal Knitting blog." With that in mind, here is my self-portrait. This photo kind of freaks me out, especially the manic look in my eyes. But on the other hand, I'm rather drawn to it. I think it shows the quirky side of my personality. When people first meet me (and I'm sure this was true for the ladies I met at Stitches West), they often think I am a bit of a bump on a log, quiet, shy, etc. Mwahahah, little do they know... My husband and I have an ongoing gag with this picture. He'll find it in his underwear drawer or on his work van under the wiper blade. Or I'll discover it in a book I'm reading or in my knitting bag, under my pillow or in a pocket. Sneaky, sneaky. So, I dare ya! Take a self portrait and post it on your blog. The more crazed the better I say! Lest you forget how I really look, take a look: Real Me.jpg. I didn't want my crazed, manic self portait to be your last impression.