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I got the GSRP Aran Box off today during my lunch break. I did restrain myself, however, from having the postal worker take my picture as I pushed the box across the counter. Now it's off to Rebecca in Davis, California! ~~ Now a technical question for blogspot users: How can I put images, such as the GSRP button or pictures, on my sidebar? ~~ Marta Progress! Having never worked with charts before, I needed to transcribe the lacey hem chart into text (i.e., Row 1: K5, (yo K2tog) 6 times, yo, K2). I've always worked better with text; perhaps that's why I gave up on cross stitch... Anyway, I sent off an SOS email to Joan McGowan-Michael of White Lies Designs, the creater of this fabulous pattern, for help. She quickly replied and set me on the right track. So now I've worked three of the 14 "points" needed for the hem. I decided I'm going to knit this in the round up to the shoulder shaping; the thought of having to knit two stocking stitch panels gives me a bit of second sleeve/sock syndrom heebie jeebies. ~~ While in Borders on Saturday, I picked up this issue of Interweave Knits and fell in love with the sweater on the cover. I ran home, rummaged in my stash and found enough LB Kool Wool (nabbed at a clearance sale for $1.00/skein) to whip this baby up! I'm already about 4 inches into the back. Shoulda knit in the round, but with big yarn/big needles shouldn't be as daunting as the miles of stocking stitch on Marta. Oh, and I'm cabling! Woo Hoo! I hope to have progress pics soon. Knit on my knitting buddies.