AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 12:43:00 PM ----- BODY:
My husband called me at work yesterday, "Marie, you just received a big box in the mail. What is it?" Squealing with glee I panted, "Oh, that must be the Great Stash Redistribution Project Box!" "Great what?!" he replied. "The Great Stash Redistribution Project, you know, knit bloggers put yarn and knitting stuff in and the next knit blogger takes some out and put some in and...oh, never'll see." The Box... The Contents... What I took out... What I put in... Fun, fun, fun!!! I didn't find much in this box, but as you can see, I had plenty to offer (and there's more where that came from). Can't wait for the next round. Oh, and I have a finished project. Presenting Cape Bohemia! It is knit with Fiesta Yarn's La Boheme (a 100% brushed mohair paired with a 100% rayon boucle) in their Raspberry Mocha colorway. This yarn was something I just happened to have in my embarrassingly large stash-ahem! The ponch-ette is a bit short at the moment, but after a bit of blocking should be just right.