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I had to really had to chuckle when I read Wendy Knits April 2nd Post. She asked, "Ooh! That reminds me -- did anyone else have a funky granny square vest when they were a kid? When I was 12 or 13 they were oh-so-in-style and my grandmother made one for me. I was too cool for words." Well folks, here is my funky granny square vest for your viewing pleasure: My mom crocheted this for me on one of our family's summertime pilgrimages to Wyoming in 1974 or 75. I was one hip chick! I often paired my cool vest with jeans where the side seam had been cut and an insert of funky fabric was sewed in thus making one pair of groovy bell bottoms! ~~~ You want to see some WIP pictures? Shapely T: I'm about four inches in and have already begun the waist decreases. Monet Skies Scarf: I had pretty much burnt out on scarves after the craft show and Christmas frenzy, but last night I felt an urge to cast on for a light and airy scarf knit from Colinette Mohair in the Monet colorway. I'm knitting it in an easy honeycomb pattern.