AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 12:50:00 PM ----- BODY:
Marilyn Progress - kind of... Ah well, it looks like I'll have to learn how to seam the proper way. Up to this point I have been able to get away with crocheting my seams together. Whether it was due to the pattern, yarn or coloring, the crocheted seams always seemed to do the job. Not with Marilyn though. Last night I finished the sleeves, steamed the pieces and began to crochet them together - not a pretty sight to say the least. So tonight I will be pouring over my "how to" books and give proper seaming a try. ~~~ I did make progress on Marta this morning. While waiting in the doctor's office I was able to finish up the last two lacey panels on the hem. I will now be able to join in the round, pick up stitches and begin miles of stockinette. It is nice, however, to begin on the phaze of this project. ~~~ American Idol - I can't believe that America voted off Amy Adams over John Stevens. I can't believe John didn't even get into the bottom three - what the...??? Amy has lots of personality, a style of her own and she can sing on tune! Sorry John, you are probably a real nice guy, but you have no on-screen presence, can't dance, and your last two performances were, in the words of Simon, abysmal. ~~~ Oh, and I have an extra copy of Vogue Knits Spring/Summer 2004 issue. I picked up a copy at WalMart forgetting that I subscribed to this magazine a couple of months ago. Guess what showed up in my mail box yesterday... In my daughter's vernacular, "my bad." So if you would like to have my extra copy, let me know in the comments or send me an email to marieedmondson at yahoo dot com. First come first served.