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Some of my readership couldn't believe I still had my granny square vest. Wow! nearly 30 years! I tell you, that acrylic yarn could survive a nuclear attack. Ready for some more nostalgia? Here are two dresses my mom made. My mother was a child of the depression and certainly knew how to make just about anything out of, well, anything. My mom made these dresses from scratch, i.e. no pattern. Circa 1972 or 1973. This first dress was a compilation of quilting scraps sewed together for the skirt with a bodice, sleeves and collar added to complete the frock. Click here to see the back. This next dress was one of my all-time favorites. We lived in San Francisco and my mom would comb the industrial district picking up mill ends from dress factories. The mumu factory was always a great resource. This dress is made entirely from mumu factory mill ends.