AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 11:36:00 AM ----- BODY:
Not sure I like the updated blogger. I've been trying for two days to upload pics to my Nica-Report blog. After a lot of time and heartache, I finally was able to upload only four photos. Anyway, despite the blogger business, I had a most excellent weekend. It started out Friday night when I "cashed" in my birthday massage and facial at Geri's Garden Day Spa. This was my first experience with a full on massage (over an hour - AAAAHHHH). Afterwards I swung by my favorite vegetarian restaurant, The Sunflower, and picked up dinner for me and my husband. The kids spent Saturday at Six Flags with the church youth group so I took the opportunity to clean out my kitchen. One thing that became quite clear to me in Nicaragua is that I have way too much, so I am on a crusade to simplify my life. I set up a table in my driveway and began carting stuff out to sell to anyone who was interested. By the end of the day I had quite a pile and what was left was put into husband's van and taken over to Goodwill. I plan to continue this purging until my possessions are pared down. Will this apply to my stash? We'll see. Of course the GSRP boxes will be making their rounds again so I may have lots of yarn that will need to go to a good home. It was a good movie weekend too. We rented four movies. First up was Scary Movie 3. I know, I know - but my high school buddy worked on this film and there were a couple laugh out loud moments too. Besides we had to sit through the credits until I saw my friend's name scroll up the screen. Then we watched The Last Samarai. I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but I actually liked him in this movie. Next was Big Fish. Very entertaining. I love stories of reconciliation. And we finished up the weekend Sunday night with A Girl with a Pearl Earring. I had read the book, and of course the book is always better, but they did a pretty good job with the screenplay. I loved the costumes and sets and to have a look into Dutch life in the 1600's. So, did I get any knitting done? A bit. Of course I had a lot of movie time; however, much of the time the project sat in my lap as I focused my attention on the movie. Sunday, the kids had their basketball games, so I got 2 1/2 hours of basketball knitting in too. I worked on my Secret Knitting Pal's final (crocheted) gift, which is blocking right now. I still need to add some embelishments, but it's pretty close to finished. I also put a couple of inches on my Shapely T. I frogged the Monet Skies Scarf and started the Monet Skies Stole instead. I've knitted about 10 inches so far. I'm still waiting on my order of Lamb's Pride so I can finished my French Market bag... Oh, I forgot to mention when I returned from my trip a package was waiting for me from my Secret Knitting Pal! She sent me two precious crocheted flowers that I can use to embellish a project or two. They just happen to compliment my Shapely T yarn - hummmmm. Also included was a whimsical tape measure with a cow theme. I had to confiscate it from the kids and pop it into my knitting bag or I might have not seen it again. THANK YOU SECRET KNITTING PAL! It's a bit of a rambling post today - ah well.