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Persona non Blogga... coin Amy’s phrase. After returning from Nicaragua, I have been thrown headfirst into major “suck the life out of you” projects and I find myself overwhelmed! Pass the paper bag – I’m hyperventilating! * What do you get when you have a group of 90 people who will be putting on a large-scale rock opera production for first weekend in June? A pack of overworked, underpaid (we’re all volunteers) crazed people who love performing arts. Not only is it large-scale event spread over three days, it is an outside venue with food court and craft bazaar in addition to the 2-hour+ production each evening. * We began preparations nearly six weeks ago, but now that we’re down to the wire we’re attending rehearsals virtually every night and pulling all weekenders for full cast rehearsals and costume and set development and implementation. Husband is in cast and set design, daughter is in cast and dance troupe, son is with security and lights, and I am in cast and costuming/props plus bazaar coordination (more on that below). * I was just informed yesterday that in addition to my part as a humble village woman and Martha, sister of Lazarus, I would also be playing Herodias, mistress of King Herod (actually Herod’s brother’s wife – the scoundrel). Oy. This means major costume changes, more than just a change in headpiece. Hummm, looks like I’ll need to do some research and get my sewing machine and glue gun out. * Many weeks ago, I had signed up to assist in the craft bazaar coordination. In addition to the performance we have a craft fair and food court available two hours prior to show time. So I have been scrambling to find vendors. I think I have pinned down a custom jewelry maker and an artist who paints fabulous silk scarves, but I’m still trying to locate a weaver (to add authenticity to our “marketplace.”) If you live in the Sacramento area, weave and/or spin and are available on June 3, 4 or 5 – email me! * I usually sell some of my hand-knit or crocheted items, but with my trip and all, my stock was way down; so I had pretty much decided to not contribute this year. But then my friends said I really should include some of my items, so I have been (mainly) crocheting up a storm – why, why do I do this to myself? * I still need to finish uploading pictures to my Nica-Report. * June is the annual open enrollment for my biggest account so I have to prepare my team for the huge influx of applications and telephone calls. * My kids are also in a basketball league, which includes chauffeuring to/from practice (two different teams) and weekly games (Mom’s, you know how it is). * And it is the end of the school year and we have many end-of-year events to participate in (thank goodness neither of my kids are graduating this year, or I'd have parties to plan too). So there you have it…I’ll stop with the whining now. Oh, please don’t write my off as a blogger – in the words of California’s Governor Schwartzernager, “I’ll be back.”