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Blush~ Thanks for the compliments on the Scrappy Poncho. Lisa in Oregon wanted to know if I used a pattern or just "whipped it up." I pretty much just knitted by the seat of my pants. Aren't you proud of me Bron? With size 11 needles I cast on 70 stitches and knit until it was wide enough and then I knit a second matching panel and seamed them together. ~~~ Warning: if you suffer from skein envy, click away. This girl ain't going to apologize for her stash. What's behind this unassuming hall closet door? (In desperate need of a paint job, I might add.) My Stash! That is eight bins stuffed full of yarny delight. The four bins on the left consist of my Colinette acquisitions and hand-painted yarns from some of my favorite fiber artists such as Danette Taylor, Lotus Blossom, and Katsara. On the right are all the my other yarns that don't fit into the Colinette/hand-painted fiber artist category. There are a lot of novelty yarns, cotton, wool yarn for felting projects, etc. I have to admit, that I also have two large plastic tubs in the garage with acrylic yarn as well as a couple of large garbage bags of yarn my neighbor gave me (which I have to go through). Looking further down the hallway is a bookcase filled with my knitting books, crafting magazines, patterns, etc. and bins filled with knitting/crocheting/sewing notions. And next to my collection of straight needles, for your reading pleasure, is KnitLit and my little book of knitting trivia. ~~~ From the Ally Archives The Gnomes, too engrossed in their Checkers game, were unaware that behind them the dread Ally-doo had returned to exact vengeance.