AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 4:48:00 PM ----- BODY:
* French Market bag turned out to be a bust (waaah). I don't know what it is with me and Lamb's Pride. Perhaps I am too used to felting with Noro Kureyon where I have to felt the "heck" out of it. Whereas, with Lamb's Pride, I look away and the thing shrivels up. I don't think I knit it deep enough and the bag looks like a feeding trough (sigh). * I finally found out who my Secret Knit Pal was! The lovely and talented Alison of the Blue Blog fame! Thank you Alison for all your encouragement and gifties over the last few weeks. Her final gift to me was the wonderful Sophie bag filled with three wonderful skeins of yarn and a couple of quickie scarf patterns. Woo Hoo! * My Secret Knit Pal was Tara of KnittinTales. I had so much fun sending her little what-nots and yarn over the last three months. However, she will not get her final pressie until my life settles down, i.e. next week. Tara, sorry about the "day late and a dollar short..." that seems to be the theme of my life lately. * I knitted up three quickie scarves to add to my craft fair bounty and I have been embelishing flip flops with Fun Fur around the thong area to sell too. My teeny bopper daughter loves her embelished flip flops and assures me all her friends will too. * Shapely Tank is stalled on the needles because my life is just too busy right now (see May 24th post). Will resume next week - hopefully. * I couldn't resist the allure of the Scrap-a-Long hosted by Larissa so I joined (what, are you crazy?!). I'm planning on using the Rosedale pattern. That's it for today - off to dress rehearsal!