AUTHOR: Knitti-me TITLE: DATE: 2:24:00 PM ----- BODY:
I can't believe it (well, maybe I can), I just lost my post - curses! Anyway, here goes again... After 24 years in the working world I finally have my very own office. Not that I deserve it, but it sure is nice to have four walls AND A DOOR! I also have a view. See? That's looking south across the Sacramento Valley. I love seeing all the trees; it's very calming. I also got my hair done yesterday. Here is a "day after" photo. Of course, I couldn't get it styled quite the same as my stylist (she's the professional after all), but I wanted to show you the color. I had her do a deep auburn this time and I really like it. It's just a pity red tones fade so quickly. ~~~ Knitting? What Knitting? I have not had any concentrated knitting or crocheting time in days. I am really feeling strung out without my fiber fix. But here's a recap of my WIPs: * Shapely T (still need motivational vibes sent my way); * Flower Power Poncho (still working on getting gauge); * White and turquoise fuzzy scarf (I will be knitting a matching hat too); * Another Cape Bohemia in Trendsetter's Dune (love this yarn, love this pattern) I placed an order with the Treadbear boys, amid must controversy. We'll see if they come through. I ordered some Phil Onde in Chrorophyl green to knit my daughter a tank and some Manos del Uruguay to knit the Meza Luna bag. I'm also itching to start a cardi or pullover for myself. I know it's 95+ degrees outside, but after going through my stash last week, I now know I have enough yarn for a sweater or two, perhaps three. Most of my yarn are one-skein wonders, so I usually don't have enough of one kind of yarn to make much of anything besides scarves and hats. However, with my scrap-happy experience, I could whip up some "designer" ponchos and Colinette-esque throws and shawls. ~~~ From the Ally Archives