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I Love to Knit ~ I Love My Dog ~ SO THERE! Our fearless ring leader, Carrie, has recently gotten slammed for hosting the Purling Puppie Web Ring. This June 7th post also implied that those of us who subscribe to this web ring are somehow sappy, shallow, imature knitters that are stoopid to include our four-footed friends in our blogs. Web Rings are set up to link people with common interests. The subscribers of the Purling Puppy Web Ring just happen to be dog owning knitters. So if you don't like it, don't surf the ring. Yeah, I must admit that some indulge in over-sentimentality, but for the most part, seeing our furry friends brings a smile to my face. I feel sorry that this blogger has such cynical and negative outlook on life that she has to personally critisize Carrie for her youthful exuberance. ~~~ Now for knitting content. Scrappy Happy is I! I went home last night and dived into my stash closet and came up with an overflowing bag of yarn scraps. I've read on other Scrap-a-long blogs that they are just picking yarns at random regardless of color or weight. Folks, I seriously considered doing that, but it went so against my nature that I found myself separating the scraps into color groups, I did, however, mix weights. Here is progress on my Scrappy Stole: From the Ally Archives (look away if you don't want to see one cute puppy!)~ I'm off to sign up for the Knitty Kitty Web Ring.