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Not One, but Two FO's!   Presenting the Wave/Shell Stole. I originally had started it oh, about nine months ago as part of Rachael's Wave/Shell Knit-a-long. Well, better late than never, I say.     I knitted the stole from Twinkletoes wool yarn hand-painted by the talented Maryann of Over the Rainbow Yarns. The knitted fabric whisper soft and lacy. I LOVE it!   Click to see a close-up of the pattern stitch: Wave-Shell Stole 008.jpg   And here is my second FO. The Cape Bohemia from See Jane Knit. I've knit this pattern once before and really find the pattern fun, easy to follow and a quick knit (that is if you don't run out of yarn six rows from finishing). I used Trendsetter Dune (color 76) for this poncho. It took approximately 3 and 1/3 balls of yarn.     Click for a close up of the texture and stitch detail on the eyelet round: Cape Bohemia closeup 003.jpg From the Ally Archives~